Contact a Ferrum Consultant
photo2Ferrum Consultants are well respected within the industry for the breadth and depth of expertise contributed to their clients’ strategic goals, through services such as these:
  • Market information and analysis, including supply demand analysis, price development, competitiveness, market dynamic and commercial and logistics processes.
  • Value in use-based analysis to advise on optimal development of resource to best meet iron and steel making industry and/or particular customer technical requirements.
  • Development of product specifications and the quality control/assurance measures and
    processes necessary to ensure consistent compliance with specifications.
  • Market definition and identification of potential customers.
  • Strategy development for sales, marketing and contract negotiation.
  • Contract drafting, review and due diligence.
  • Risk analysis and management of commercial processes and logistics including shipping.
  • Provision of advice on organisational structures from sales and marketing through to the
    management of contract administration and customer relations.
  • Training in the commercial, logistics and quality disciplines.
  • Recruitment of specialist personnel.
  • Analysis and Testing of iron ore and other minerals is a service offered by Perth based Allied Mineral Laboratories, 100% owned by TZ Minerals International Pty Ltd.

Ferrum Consultants is able to draw on additional support from its network of expert consultants with experience in mine planning, grade control as well as iron and steel making and metal casting. See more on Links Page